1. An Individual Reflective Report

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Assignment Four An Individual Reflective Report
An individual reflective report of 1,500 words (+/- 10%), in which you are to undertake a critical self-reflection of the role you took in the management of the event which your team planned, organised and delivered. You should integrate appropriate theory to facilitate your reflection and examine your learning from the process. It should be a fully referenced academic report. Deadline: Work should be submitted via Turnitin on or before Friday 6th May 2016 at 1.00 p.m. (13:00)
Reflection is concerned with looking at our experiences and trying to draw some meaning from these that we can use now and in the future. One of the unique aspects of reflection is that, as one revisits old experiences, one can find new learning and new meanings there.

You should avoid description of the planning process and event itself as this has been previously covered in the Group Portfolio. The focus of this assignment is on your learning from pre, during and post event experiences. It is a two part assignment:
In Part One (around 800 words) you should reflect on one of the planning aspects of your event that you were involved in and explore whether the theories learnt in your studies prior to undertaking your live event matched the practice experienced on your event. Some areas you could consider are:
Feasibility planning
Venue Selection (including contracts)
Team Work (including team roles)
Budgeting and Finance
Any other event planning areas (not marketing which is included in a separate module)

In Part Two (around 700 words): consider using a reflective model as a framework to discuss what you have learnt about yourself and your skills as a result of having undertaken a live event and what recommendations you might have for your own future practice and skills development. Any personality tests or action plans should be included in appendices.
Assessment Criteria
The report will be word processed with a complete absence of grammatical and typographical errors, spelling mistakes and sexist language and be 1500 (+/-10%) words in length. If the work is over the word limit, the tutor will mark the full report then penalise by deducting 10 percentage points from the final mark awarded down to a minimum of 40%. Any text included in tables within the main report will count towards the word count.

Submission information – To be submitted electronically via Blackboard (Turnitin) on or before Friday 6th May at 1:00 p.m. (13:00)
Blackboard records the time of your submission. If your assignment is not submitted in time, it will be marked as a late submission.
Instruction files

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