2-3 Page paper due today

A 2-3 pages long paper (12 pt, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, single space) answering the questions.Instructions:
In order to identify the role of resources in one’s daily life, the Wheel of Wellbeing activity will be used. Wheel of Wellbeing is not a new concept and used in a variety of formats by various people. For this assignment, we will use the version including 7 parts: Health, Family, Romance, Personal Growth, Recreation, Physical Environment, and Career.If you do not feel comfortable enough to reflect your personal life on this activity, please feel free to identify a well-known movie, TV show or book character, and reflect on the resources of this person. The goal of this activity is to encourage you to identify the resources in the life parts mentioned above and apply them in daily lives. The grading will also be based on identifying the resources and skillfully applying them.

Your Paper:
1- At the first page, copy the wheel attached at the relevant Assignment section and write your (or your character’s) resources (at least two) at (or next to) each part. The “resources” for each of these are the things/situations/people that helps you to be satisfied in these areas. For instance, for Health, your resources can be organic food, healthy diet, or daily fruit intake. For Romance, your resources can be date nights, romantic experiences, or above all, having a (potential) significant other. For Physical Environment, your resources can be comfy pillows, frames of loved ones, or photo albums. For Career, your resources for satisfaction can be your major, internship, volunteering activities. For Personal Growth, your resources can be self-help books, movies, or your volunteer activities as well. Hope these make sense.
2- Second, score your satisfaction for each part at a 0-10 scale, 0 indicating no, and 10 indicating most satisfaction.
You can do this exercise by hand, take a picture and upload to Scholar or do it on a .doc file. You can also list the dimensions and write the scores next to them, as you wish. Just, please be sure that the document is in a familiar format (.jpg, .doc, .pdf, .txt).
3- Third, please respond the questions below as 3-4 sentences for each.
a. Which parts of your (or your character’s) life were the most and least easy to identify the resources?
b. Which parts of your (or your character’s) life activate most easily when you (or your character’s) face with stressful situations? (Which resources you [or your character] use most?)
c. Which parts of your (or your character’s) life you would like to be in better connection with? What can you (or your character) do in order to improve these parts?

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