2 Business quiz opened today closes 5/7/16

I HAVE 2 QUIZES THAT ARE DUE IN 2 SEPARATE COURSES. BELOW ARE THE DETAILS.IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE QUIZES FOR ME YOU WILL HAVE TO LOG INTO MY HCC EAGLE ONLINE. I WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH MY LOG IN AND CHANGE MY PASSWORD ONCE THE QUIZES ARE COMPLETED. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. I BELIEVE BOTH OF THE QUIZES HAVE UP TO 35 QUESTIONS EACH, 3 OF THEM BEING ESSAY QUESTIONS WHICH NEED TO BE ANSWERED IN FULL SENTENCES AT THE TIME OF THE QUIZ.   Test Three (Final) covers Chapters 9-13. 1. What are the key components of globalization, and how can they influence collective bargaining? (20 pts.) 2. Using information from your text, briefly describe the seven just causes for discipline. . (20 pts.) 3. What did you learn in this course that was most meaningful to you? (10 pts.) This portion of the test is made up of 25 M/C questions. The following word list is not all inclusive so it is very important that you read all the required chapters: Labor agreements; Labor contracts; NLRB(National Labor Relations Board); bargaining rights; Taft-Hartley Act; all aspects of grievances; Lincoln Mills and Steelworkers Trilogy Cases and other cases; arbitration; arbitrators.*************************************************************************************************************************** 1. Why is it important for HR and Compensation Professionals to learn about compensation practices in other parts of the world. 2. Describe four challenges companies face placint employees in foreign assignments.1. 2. 3. 4. 3. What is the most important lesson you learned in this class? (10 pts.) The objective portion of the test is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions. This word list is not all-inclusive and students should carefully read the assigned chapters. Word List OASDI, legally required benefits, social security benefits, Medicare Prescription Drug Program, work-related disability pay, vacation pay in other countries, all types of compensation, international compensation, headquarters-based pay, base pay for U.S. expatriates, key employee compensation, temporary worker pay, contingent worker pay, stock compensation, stock options, compensating differing level s of an organization, on-call employees, CEO, executives, compensation in other countries (France, Canada, Argentina , India) A.H. Belo Corporation Supreme Court ruling, safe harbor rules, telecommuting executives, State Department’s Quarters Allowance

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