A Problem Solving Proposal

 You will be assigned to work in a group of 1-2 or 2-3 classmates. Then, you will begin to investigate possible timely information technology policy and strategy interests, situations, or needs to suggest to the group   look for areas that need improvement and can be solved with outstanding leadership and innovation.   Only then, begin to discuss possible solutions to the problem. Discuss the extent, origins, and possible causes of the problem, consider alternative solutions, and select the solution that seems most practical and that meets these criteria: If the group cannot achieve consensus on a solution, go back and select another problem.Assign someone to take or record this discussion; it will grow into the proposal’s “Background” and “Statement of Need” sections. The “Questions for Problem-Solving Proposals” suggest what information will be needed. You may need to cover other areas not listed. To gather data, you will probably use some or all of the following:   Then the group needs to find the reason. If the reason is convincing, assign him/her another, equal task. If all else fails, see the instructor. If the instructor intervention fails, the student will probably not complete the course.  Contact the instructor immediately. Adjustment will be made. 7.  After each group member has had time to read all members’ work and make written comments on the content, verify that all needed questions have been answered so that everyone understands what everyone else has written.  As a group, begin to arrange the material in the order suitable for a proposal. Decide what illustrations are needed and who will beresponsible for each. Meet for the first and second revisions of sections of the body. Provide copies of revisions for each group member.   Assign individuals to prepare the paper’s abstract, table of contents, and table of illustrations, title page, any needed appendix (es) and reference list.     The following elements should be demonstrated in this assignment:  Definition of a Problem: A situation, issue, policy, or practice this is difficult and perplexing but can be improved or solved. What is a current situation, policy, practice that you see as a problem? How do you know the current situation, practice, or policy is not beneficial ? Can it be improved, changed, eliminated? How do you know?  Who/what does the problem hurt? In what way? When? For how long? With what results?   When did the problem start?  What are some of the causes of the problem?  Has anyone before tried to solve this problem here or elsewhere? When? How? With what effect?  What is your proposed solution?Why did you choose it over alternative solutions?If your solution is accepted, what benefits will be gained. By whom? How soon?   What steps need to be taken to start putting your proposed solution into effect? What people need to be involved in planning the implementation of the solution? What steps need to be taken to implement your solution? What materials/equipment will be needed to accomplish each step? What facilities (space, utilities) will be needed at each step? How will they be used? For how long? What people will need to be involved at each step of the implementation? What will they need to know and do? For how long?  How much will it cost for the people needed? How do you arrive at the total? How much will it cost for the materials/equipment? How do you arrive at the total? How much will it cost for facilities? How do you arrive at the total? What other direct costs will there be? How do you know? What are indirect costs (time lost by personnel; health benefits; insurance for equipment; unexpected delays)? What will be the total cost? How do you arrive at the total? How will this proposal be funded? Direct sources? Indirect sources? Evidence for availability of the needed funds? How long would it take to plan to start implementing the proposed solution? How did you arrive at this answer? How long will it take to have the proposed solution approved? How did you arrive at this answer?What method of monitoring progress will you use? What method of evaluation of success/failure will you use?  What are the reasons in favor of implementation (summarized)? What is the group’s recommendation? Most helpful choices? Correct label, title, and arrangement? Introduced and interpreted in text?  References: (APA formatted)  (control+click to follow link) Appendix (es)Title Page Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Background Statement of Need EvidenceEmpirical DataSecondary Data Plan of Action Budget     Funding ScheduleEvaluation Conclusions/Recommendations Appendix(es)     Basic Formatting Guidelines    

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