Achieving quality in health and social care services requires better leadership

Project description
*Evaluate the organisational and managerial context for change in health and social care
*Evaluate and apply relevant theoretical approaches (Donabedian and Maxwell)
*Analyse ethical aspects of management particularly in relation to the impact on service users and staff
*Produce and evidence based argument that addressed the given title clearly, drawing on relevant literature
*Structure and present written work to the postgraduate standard using the academic conventions including referencing
*The summary
Oasis is a residential care home located in East London area, with 25 service users consisting mainly of older people with Dementia and learning disabilities. The service users are all dependent on care staff to help them to meet up with their daily activities, some of them are very frail and constantly losing their memory. Few are learning disability with poor mobility and it is paramount that the services to be given to them should be of quality standard and tailored to their specific needs.
Recently, the service users are regularly becoming ill due to cross- infection and poor control of infection. The Care home is well staffed and the team on attendance for regular shift are about 8 in numbers with skill mixes. 2 staff take care of general cleaning of the environment, 3 staff attends to clients personal hygiene, the manager monitors and supervise care activities and cleaning and 2 others ensure food hygiene including eating utensils such as plates, cutleries and drinking water are in good required standard. But the prevention and control of infection is still very poor despite the division of labour, service users are falling sick and cross infection is on high rate. This report will be examining the quality issue with regards to infection control within the management
Achieving Quality in HSC Services requires better leadership
The service user needs and preferences has to be met and well delivered, the services will need to be under the good leadership of the registered manager and responsible individual who will be monitoring and supervising the care activities. The premises where care and treatment are delivered including the equipment must be cleaned, suitable for the intended purpose. The process of Infection prevention and control must be sensitive and well implemented so that service users will not suffer the consequences of poor practice.
This process of achieving quality services is a team work and all strategies to make it to be a success has to be embraced by all individual who is responsible for care services. The report will identify key issues that will need to be addressed so as to achieve quality in HSC services with better leadership. Team working and developing skill will need to be in place within the management to encourage achievement of quality in HSC environment by better leadership (Salas et al,2008).
Further finding discovered that the care home is lacking in quality of care they provide to services user, the services are sub-standard and therefore putting the wellbeing of service user at risk. Quality care achievement is about good connection between organisation, registered managers, staff and especially among individuals. Achieving quality services is everybody contribution and involvement, it cannot be justified for botch (Hill and Reichgott 1979) In order to achieve quality care services, key issues have been identified within care home which will need to be addressed so as to achieve desire result

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