Admission Essay

What is an admission essay and why students are asked to write it?

Admission essay is the essay which candidates are required to write and submit along with a regular application form. An application essay has nothing to do with your previous academic grades, percentages and distinctions. These essays can be focused on a particular close-ended question or any open-ended topic. The reason why students are asked to write these essays is pretty much simple. Grades aren’t all that defines the abilities, potential, caliber and creativity of a student and these are the very things a student must have. In utter contradiction to this statement, the superficial selection system of education system was based on grades and grades only. There was a need to improve this selection system in way that it can filter out the best of the minds. To fulfill this purpose, different strategies adopted, one of which is admission essay writing.

 What about readymade application essays?

Aiming to get rejected by college? If yes, then go for a readymade admission essays. These are the types of things a student should avoid most while going through the serious process of writing an admission essays. There are innumerable students who fail to clear through the admission process just because the used plagiarized content, sometimes without even knowing that they are doing it. Borrowing material from online, readymade essays is not even on of the last things you should do. It’s more like an unintentional suicide; jumping into a fire pit without actually knowing that you did. Originality is the first thing a selection board checks in your admission essay.

What has to offer? is the firm which deals with writing products of all sorts. One of the many products that we sell is the admission essays. Frankly speaking, an admission essay is something which can be and surely is a reason for your straight away rejection or selection. We realize it and this realization are reflected in our products. The level of caution that is required to do these types of crucial tasks is what we take most care of.

We do not hand over these orders, related to admission essays, to any of our employees.  We have a whole system to decide that which person is most suitable for performing which task. We provide admission essays for all institutes and universities and in all the areas of specializations that they offer. We have writers who are experienced in writing admission essays in all possible formats and of all possible complexity levels. As far as our charges are concerned, all we can say is that you will find our work worth paying for.

What if I just want to have some guidance?

There are students who know very well how to write and all they want is to have a push and a direction. For the facilitation of such students, we have a separate guidance section where all of the frequently asked questions have been answered by the professionals and expert writers of our company. These services are free of cost.  Students can also post questions on our websites which we answer back as immediately as we can.

What should I write? How much should I write? How should I write? What level of formality I am supposed to maintain? What should I do and what I shouldn’t? These are some of the question we come across most of the times.

What about sample papers?

Other than those who just need a direction, there are the students who need a demo, a sample to follow. In order to help such customers, we provide paid samples of admission essays. These samples are written by different experts. What we would like students to know here is that we strictly recommend that you should not use these samples as your original essay to be submitted since they will be rejected right away.

What if I want to make specifications about my order?

The customers who already know what they want to write about are most welcomed to specify their demands while placing their order. Other specifications which they can mention are as following:

  • Page limit of essay
  • Topic of essay
  • Format of essay
  • Word count/word limit


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