Advance International Arbitration

Project description
1-First, paper answer is questions format 1,2,3 etc. Answers must be directly responding to the question, and what the question is asking.
2-Points grades are giving to the answer analyzing and linking to cases and rules and law discussed in the course. No grade is giving to answer from another sources.
3-It is highly recommended to respond to the question, and then, bring cases, and analyze your thoughts linked to cases and rules.
4-Grade goes up as much as issues are found and analyzed with cases and rules. No point will be given for finding issue without analyzes.
5-The minimum is 2500, so, do not waste with any unrelated information.
6-Sources: There are two sources MUST rely on. The main one is the one will be used. Any additional explanation or supporting example can be found and taken from the second Sources. However, first must analyze mainly from the main sources. Second sources is additional and worth nothing if the first one is not completely used. That mean, you can not bring cases from the second one, and ignoring those cases in the main sources. Thus, you should first analyze cases from the main sources, after you discuss them, you can go and bring cases from the second cases.
7-In your answer show that you understood the big concept. It is a hypo and fact, and spots the issue as much as you see them, and applies the contest and concept.
8-Think and structure the answer show that you understood the issue and how you resolve it.
9-Do not say everything in arbitration just answer the question.
10-The question will be Do you think this or that and why? Try to convince. Do you think the administrative secretory draft this award and why? So most of the answers will be it depends (take a position and support it).
11-So you need to be familiar with the concept or the issue.
12-She is not looking to cite every case only cases and rules you think support your position.
13-If you think that something messing, you can add or make an assumption or do it in two parts. Always see, according to present fact . You can assume new important fact that might affect the case and your answer.
14-IBA, ICC and others related rules you need to use them and look for it to support and analyses your answer according to the governing rules mentioned in the question. It is very important to start with answer, rules and cases and analyze.
15- Finally, no citation is needed other than citing and referring to cases and rules and regulation numbers. Do not cite to book or article.

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