Project description
1. Using The Airbnb Communitys Economic Impact on New York City
PDF, answer the following questions:

a. Explain how the Airbnb community strengthens and diversifies the citys
economy.. (Hint: use statistics to prove your points).
b. What has been the effect on Harlems community of the influx of Airbnb guests?

2. Technology startups are driven by a desire to solve an unsolved problem in a unique
way, and, thereby, create a new business value. Using the platform strategy of Airbnb
answer the following questions:

a. Did Airbnb face competition when it started? Does it face competition in the
current accommodation marketplace? Explain your answers.

b. What operational strategies did Airbnb utilize to attract new client behaviors and new users
to its platform company? Explain.
3. Reread the SKIFT REPORT #7, by Vincent Trivett and the Skift Staff, What the Sharing Economy Means for the Future of Travel (previously distributed to the class) in order to answer the following questions:

a. What is collaborative consumption?

b. There are many changing economic, social, and technological factors (or developments)
which have driven the sharing economy to become a significant force in the travel

Choose TWO of the factors listed above. Describe how these factors have made the sharing economy a successful business model for the travel industry.
(Hint: Use specific travel businesses to explain your points).

4. What is your favorite travel platform company? WHY?

5. Elizabeth Beckers, Overbooked, The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, has brought to its readers many enlightening views about the travel industry.

What information and conclusions from this author have surprised you the most?

Please make your writing clear and detailed, not general or vague. When quoting someone use proper citations. Extenuating answers do not express comprehensive view. Be very clear and specific. Make full answers, and describe all your answers on point.

All the PDFs will be attached.
Instruction files

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