American studies

1.  Using the following link (and related links on the same web site) or another source of your choice, read through the entire Bill of Rights (), and choose  of any of the first 10 Amendments (the Bill of Rights) to be your topic (preferably one you’re interested in).  To reiterate:  do NOT choose an entire Amendment, since this will be too much for a 5-page paper;  limit your essay to the specific part of whichever Amendment you select and/or to which your court case (see below) relates. 2.  Locate/research ONE  court case (i.e., adjudicated in some way ) relating to how someone or a group of people were denied their rights under your topic amendment.  This court case can be a lawsuit filed but not yet settled, one that went to court and failed, or a successful challenge to a previous interpretation of the amendment/portion in question.  You may  refer to previous/older cases as precedents, but  focus on the specifics of your recent case.  3.    contact Dr. Baxter (either via e-mail or in class/office hours) to  that your selected court case fits the parameters of the assignment.  To explain why I ask this:  a few years ago, a student turned in a paper about an employee fired for posting e-mails critical of his boss — a potential violation of his right to free expression — but the case was , so for an otherwise well-written paper, he received a D. 4.  In your paper text (body/main part of the essay), analyze  sides of the case — you’re welcome to show indicate your preference/opinion, but reviewing both sides demonstrates your academic professionalism and intellectual integrity.  In your essay’s conclusion, describe why you value your topic/amendment, and how it is relevant to modern American society & culture, using the example you researched.  Assume the reader knows what the Bill of Rights is (i.e., do  waste space discussing all the other amendments in the Bill of Rights), and focus on your chosen amendment or the specific relevant part (for example, you don’t have to find examples for every part of, say, the First Amendment, if you’ve chosen freedom of the press — just focus on the freedom of the press and give a court-case illustration of it). 5.  You  include  at the end of each sentence or paragraph where you cite and/or quote specific words, concepts or statistics, in CMS format () for both footnotes/endnotes (your choice) and your separate-page bibliography.  This is a formal academic paper, so do not use non-credible sources (like, etc.)! 6.  Since the Constitution and Bill of Rights are public-domain documents, you do NOT need to cite the text of any Amendment or of the Constitution itself.

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