Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis/ALS

The sections of the reports should have the following headings and provide answers to the questions
Introduction and epidemiology
o Why did you choose the disease / disorder?
o How prevalent is the disease in the US population and globally?
Etiology & Pathophysiology
o What is the underlying cause? How does a person acquire the disease?
o What are the physical symptoms?
o What are the anatomical and physiological foundations for the disease or dysfunction?
o How does the disease develop in the body?
oWhich tests are commonly used for diagnosis?
o Name and briefly describe the test procedure(s) as well as how the results indicate abnormalities
(e.g. deviation from normal values or expected observations, etc.)
o Find videos or animations from reliable resources to exemplify
Treatment and prognosis
o Which common treatment options exist?
o What is the likely course of the disease (treated / untreated)?
o What is the life expectancy of someone with the disease? Are there expected constraints with
respect to quality of life? What is every day life like?

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