Discuss a theme between these poems:
\”The Swimmer\” -John Cheever
\”The Year of Magical Thinking\” -Joan Didion
\”The Last True Story I\’ll Ever Tell\” -John Crawford
\”A Streetcar Named Desire\” -Tennessee Williams
Billy Collins Poems: \”Forgetfulness\” \”The Night House\”
Audre Lorde Poems: \”Coal\”, \”The Woman Thing\”, and \”Harriet\”
Hayden poems: \”Middle Passage\”, \”Those Winter Sundays\”
Sylvia Plath poems: \”Morning Song\”, \”Lady Lazarus\”, \”Daddy\”, \”Blackberrying\”, and \”Child
Anne Sexton: \”The Starry Night\”, \”Sylvia\’s Death\”, \”Little Girl\”
Allen Ginsberg poems: \”Howl\” and \”A Supermarket in California\”

Choose between these themes: truth, immortality, God and/or the Self, modern society, family unit, mass consumerism, or youth.

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