Answer for each question.

Project description
1) Plot Choose one of the stories listed and comment on the following: What are its important plot events, and how is its plot laid out? To what extent does its plot conform to Freitags pyramid of a typical or exemplary plot structure or deviate from that structure? (Be sure to define what that pyramid is.) To what extent does it achieve closure at the end?
Choose one of the following stories: Ivan Turgenev, “Mumu”

2) Plot Choose one of the stories listed and comment on the following: What are both the fabula and the suzhet? How does the reordering of events influence our understanding of them? How does the authors reordering of events create surprise and/or suspense?
Choose one of the following stories: Anton Chekhov, “Sleepy”

3) Narrator Choose one story and discuss its narrator and use of narrative voice. Be sure to identify what type of narrator it is. Briefly discuss particular aspects of the narrator, commenting in particular on things like tone/voice, distance, reliability, and focalization. How does this particular narrator influence our understanding of the story?
Choose one of the following: Leonid Dobychin, “The Father”

4) Character Choose one character from one of the following stories and discuss characterization. How is this figure you have chosen characterized in the story? Be sure to include specific details and elements that contribute to characterization. In addition, be sure to address whether the character has agency and whether it has development, i.e., is flat or round.
Choose from one of the following stories: Nikolai Karamzin, “Poor Liza”

5) Setting Choose one story and discuss how the setting is related to character development and/or plot events. If a story has more than one setting, you can focus on just one scene and its setting, or discuss multiple scenes and their settings.
Choose one: Aleksandr Pushkin, “The Queen of Spades”

Answer for each question separately, but a total of the answers should not be more than 3 pages, except the questions.

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