Answer the following questions. Each of them must be 1 and half pages. it means total must be 15 pages

1. Issues on innovation and technology influence both external and internal environmental scanning.   How should a corporation scan the external environment for new technological development? 2. Suppose you are the owner of a small business, who is currently facing a serious problem (any  problem). (a) How could you make a decision to resolve this problem?  Explain your decision-making  process to resolve this problem.  (b) How would you transfer of power and wealth in a family business if  you have a plan to retire in the future? 3. What are major strategic issues of the Not-for-Profit Organizations?  Are Not-for-Profit organizations  less efficient than profit-making organizations? Why or Why not? 4. There are five major leadership theories including trait theories, behavioral theories, power and  influence theories, contingency theories, and integration theories.  Explain them shortly. 5. There have been arguments on strategic leadership by corporate executives and top management  team.  (a) What are those arguments?  (b) There have been external and internal constraints on  corporate executives.  What are they, and how do they affect the leader’s behavior? 6. The Strategic Management consists of three phases.  The first phase is the evaluation of the current  status, and the second phase is the strategic planning.  What are the fundamental differences between  the first and the second phases? 7. The Strategic Management consists of three phases.  The second phase is the strategic planning, and  the third phase is the strategy implementation.  What are the fundamental differences between the  second and the third phases? 8. In evaluation and control in strategic management, (a) explain primary measures of corporate  performance; and (b) explain the importance of control and coordination in the process of strategic  management. 9. How would you apply the tree phases of corporate strategic management for your personal career  management in the long-run.  Please assume that you are almost thirty years old, and your remaining  life is sixty years. 10. What are the differences and similarities of the roles between the Board of Directors and the Chief  Executive Officer in the corporation?

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