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The Chris Wellers article This Swedish preschool doesn’t use the words ‘he’ or ‘she’ and the embedded movie reflects a society that tries to create uniform gender society (Weller, 2015). However, the approach seems to be means and sidelined. Gender identity is very vital for any societal growth. In other words, gender uniformity can be achieved even without assigning gender roles or gender identities. Despite denying children the knowledge of their different gender, apparently they naturally know who they are (Weller, 2015). Thus, it would be prudent that they are told about their real sexually at their early stages of lives than leaving the task to dawn on them at their prime ages.Additionally, the article depicts that this newly evolving society relates gender violence or discrimination to gender identity. These two elements of societal characteristics are different (Weller, 2015). People may know their gender without being violent while others may still not are aware of their sex but are still the most violent people the world has never seen. Nonetheless, advocating for the perfect cohesion of different genders from tender ages is vital, but it should not be done by hiding the gender reality from children. That is, children can be allowed to play together and identify their different area of interest from their tender ages without predefinition of these roles. Additionally, from the video, it is apparent that the young children are limited to playing kits as a way of making them explore the few available ones as means of gender cohesiveness (Weller, 2015). This approach is a pure lie in that restricts children to their extent of exploration reduces their creativity. Therefore, this approach of cohesiveness should be revised since it seems to have many loops.


Weller, C. (2015). This Swedish preschool doesn’t use the words ‘he’ or ‘she’. Retrieved May 2, 2016, from

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Mark Myran

RE: Swedens Approach to Gender Equality
I think you may have read something into the article that isn’t there. I think this school is trying to create exactly the opposite of the “uniform gender society” you refer to. Their goal is to let every child be exactly who they want to be, and not push them toward any pre-conceived gender role. Won’t this result in a wider variety of personal expression, and not a uniform set of kids that all look the same?


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