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Project description
3) Individual Coursework Assignment 3
This assignment is worth 35% of the overall module mark.
Coursework Brief
For this coursework you are required to solve a problem using Microsoft Excel and/or SPSS. Your
solution should be word-processed, including the computer output (pasted in), and submitted
Your solution should include both the output itself and a concise account of the methods you
have used. Where appropriate you should also explain the reasons you have chosen those
particular methods.
The Excel data set HEINZ, which you need to download from the Blackboard pages for this
module, contains information on a tasting experiment. 100 volunteers were asked to rate a Heinz
product and a Tescos own brand of the same product. A score from 1 to 10 was used in each
case (high values indicated the brand was liked). Equal scores for the two brands were allowed,
but the volunteers were also asked to indicate which brand they preferred, using 1s and 0s, with 1
indicating a preference for Heinz, and ties (equal preference) were not allowed. The gender of the
volunteer was also recorded (0=male, 1=female).
(i) Assuming these scores are representative of a population calculate a 95% confidence
interval for the population difference in means of the two ratings. Is the value zero in
this interval? Interpret this. 20 marks
(ii) Perform a suitable t-test to determine whether there is a significant difference between
the scores given to the two brands, and interpret the result carefully. 20 marks
(iii) Perform a suitable t-test to determine whether females rate Heinz significantly higher
than males. 20 marks
(iv) With the preferences (0s and 1s) calculate a 95% confidence interval for the true
proportion p of people who prefer Campbells soup to Brand R. Is the value 0.5 in this
interval? Interpret this. 20 marks
(v) Write a brief report discussing the merits of the two approaches (i) and (iv) (i.e. using
the differences of the scores, or using the preferences) are they both addressing the
same problem? If you are primarily interested in how much of each brand you are likely
to sell (and hence how much you should stock), which approach would you use, and
why? 20 marks
Key Marking criteria will include:
Accuracy of the numerical solutions
Appropriateness of the methodology
Clarity and conciseness of the descriptions of the methodology
Word Limit
The word limit for this individual assignment is 1000 words.
The School of Managements detailed word-limit policy, including the penalties relating to breaches
of the specified word limit, are incorporated into the electronic cover sheet for coursework
(available from the Assessment and Feedback folder on the Blackboard site for this module).

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