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Project description
Pick any two questions to answer out of the following: Feel Free to pick an additional question for extra credit. Your answers for each of the questions should be (1.5 to 2) page in lengthdouble spacedand typed. These are thinking questions. Good Luck!!!!
You can use the, Social Problems Text, and search Google for relevant websites etc. to research cutting edge answers on these questions. Use all resources that are available on the World Wide Web; and Internetas well as additional relevant resources.

1.Unemployment is a huge social problem in America and throughout much of the worldDescribe the research process for constructing the unemployment statistics. How do the researchers define the population, number of households to be included in the survey; as well as the rubric that is used to determine if someone should be included in the statistic? Do you feel that the statistic is a true reflection of the unemployment in the United States? What groups or individuals, who might personally feel unemployed, does it leave out of the official unemployment statistic? What solutions would you propose to deal with this complex and vexing social problem?

2.Describe the creation of the modern corporation and how the paradigm has shifted from its traditional historical mission. Describe five strengths and weaknesses of the modern corporation and the positive functional benefits, and conflicting challenges that exist in the dynamics of this modern Institution as it impacts workers of the world. A good example would be Wal-Mart and McDonalds Corp.

3.Pick a topic related to criminology; research analyze at least three positive and three negative aspects about the topic some possible topics are: Crime Prevention, Capital Punishment, The Innocence Project, Mandatory Sentencing, Recidivism, Solitary Isolation, Privatization of Prisons, Parole, Educational Programs GED, College Programs, Recreation, Costs, House Arrest, Community Service, The evolving impact of forensicsbiotech, and computers in Crime Scene Investigations, the role of the prison guard, the role of the prisonerThe Zimbardo Film on The Prison ExperimentStanford University. Feel free to pick your own topic not listed above.

4.Has the skyrocketing cost of college educations created any social issue and problem in the American culture today? Analyze the challenges facing college students today and the creative solutions some college students and their families have created to deal with this costly problem.
Analyze the historical relationship between a college education and income earned over the graduates lifetime. Based on your contemporary research is the strength of the correlation between college and income still valid? What explanations and findings did you find through your research to explain the dramatic rise in cost of a college education? Can you develop solutions to this challenging problem?

5. Thinking synoptically about the potential positive and potential negative implications of the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, do you foresee any social problems that could come about? Look at the legalization of marijuana through the three lenses of sociology; functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interaction. Are you in favor, or against the legalization of marijuana? Explain.
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