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lease answer all 4 questions in a minimum of 400 words each

1. Using a quotation from the course reading ONLY show what Aristotle and Augustine would say about the revenge plan of Lee Geum-ja, a woman released from prison after serving the sentence for a murder she did not commit. Refer to at least two scenes from the movie.

2. What would Bentham and Mill say about Tuskegee? What would rule and act utilitarianism say?Using a quotation from the course reading ONLY

3. What would Freud say about Kant\’s categorical imperative?Using a quotation from the course reading ONLY

4. What would Confucius and Kant say about Hardwig\’s essay \”is there a duty to die?\”Using a quotation from the course reading ONLY
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Reading: Aristotle Books I II III IV VII VIII

Reading Augustines City of God

Reading: JS Mill

Reading for Kant:

Readings: Freud From Civilization and its Discontents

Reading: Freud


Reading for Confucius: Confucius Analects Buddhism
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