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Project description
Students will submit a final paper (8 to 12 pages in length) that critically analyzes a topic or theme of the students choosing. A paper proposal and preliminary bibliography will be submitted during week 12 of the semester. Students will run their final papers through Turnitin and attach/upload their report or percentage number to the final assignment (students may also email the instructor their turnitin report). If students are worried about confidentiality, they may remove all of their personal information from the submission before running the report.
We talked a little bit about the Spanish American War (Remember the Main, to hell with Spain!) in which the US stepped in Cuba, PR, and the DR’s revolutions and defeated Spain. In so defeating Spain, US set up their own dictators in Cuba and DR, and kept Puerto Rico as a US territory. Years later, PR is beyond bankrupt as a US territory and left more or less neglected, and Cuba, while not wealthy, is at least autonomous and progressing (albeit slowly). A great article:

Caribbean neighbors Cuba and Puerto Rico wonder who really won cold war

We also talked about Caribbean push-back against Western cultural influences. Calle 13 (they wrote Latinoamerica, we listened to it at the very beginning of class) has a song called “Gringo Latin Funk” that discusses Latinos who want to be more like Americans, and the artist’s opinion of them. In some sense, it also covers a lot of what we discusssed about Caribbean machismo and gender/sex violence:

Here’s the song:

And here’s a translation of the lyrics:

Just some finds I wanted to share! If you check either of the links out, send me a quick email with your thoughts.
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you could get 5 to 8 sources.

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