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How are the paths of East Asia and Asian American communities intertwined from the mid 19th century to the postwar era?(You may discuss two or a few of the following topics, such as how East Asias involvement in the world of new imperialism led to the beginning of Asian American migration, how Japanese American exclusion transformed Japanese colonial expansion in Asia, how the Asia-Pacific War resulted in Japanese American internment and the repeal of Chinese exclusion act, and how the beginning of the cold war reversed the fates of Chinese and Japanese immigrants in the US.)
1. required textbook link:
2. please read chap 7- chap 13 from the text book, and few hints for the convergence of modern East Asian history and Asian American history.(1.Common origin: the involvement of Asia into the global system of new imperialism and capitalism in mid 19th century, the start point is The Opium War, which is the first connection between east Asia and west; 2.Asian immigrants to the west because of the war in Asia, the Korea migrant, Chinese migrant, Japanese Migrant )

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