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Project description
Use appropriate methods of analysing financial statements to compare and contrast the
financial performance and current financial status of two of these organisations.
Methods which you may use include:
– Relevant ratios
– Comparison of key elements of the financial statements
– Horizontal or vertical analysis
– Any additional methods which you have researched.
In addition to strength and structure of essay, marks were awarded for:
– Selection of appropriate ratios
– Horizontal and vertical analysis 2014 and 2015
– Comparison of information in the balance sheet and income statement and cash flow
– Accuracy of calculation
– Discussion of profitability
– Discussion of efficiency
– Discussion of liquidity
– Discussion of solvency
– Discussion of changes in business risk
– Discussion of limitations of financial statements and use of ratios, horizontal and vertical analysis
– Discussion of sectors and markets operating in
– Share price (where relevant), current and historic
– Comparison of key ratios with other comparable companies
– Analysis of Directors statements and comparison with figures
– Comments on audit report
– Comments on key items in notes to the financial statements
– Additional methods of analysis researched

You need to analyse Company 1 and do exactly the same analysis for Company 2. You then compare the results. you must compare like with like.

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