Are GMO Good for African Famers ?

Project description
This paper is written in 1st person, in this paper I’m going to evaluate the pro and cons of gmo use in African’s countries. Then end with why I think GMO benefits African. Sources must include 4 or 5 government sources and 3 or 2 .com sources.
Added on 04.04.2016 18:36
One of this paper is an example of how the paper should look like.
Instruction files

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okay, I love the paper but I only have a few concerns. 1) The beginning of the research paper have no introduction. Like it doesn’t give the reader more information on what generically modify organism is it just jumps right in to it. There no theise or attention grabber. The second concern I have is while reading I noticed that there were many grammar errors.

gmo_africa-1429712.2.docx(37,42 KiB)
Hey one issue, the sources added i tried finding them on the internet, and I couldn’t. So for the revision can I have the writer add the web address right next to the information, because my professor will click on the link to see if the information came form there.

gmo_africa-1429712.3.docx(31,46 KiB)
Please check message board and revise the paper. Thank you.

1429712_gmo_africa-1429712_revsd.4.docx(31,78 KiB)
The paper is much better but it has way too much spelling error and grammar. Could that be looked at. And you listed 2 American govnment Sourse, but only used 1 through out the paper. Other then that it’s pretty good.

1429712_gmo_africa-1429712_revsd_fnal.5.docx(32,58 KiB)
Hey I showed some of my class mate my paper to see their opinion, and they told me my paper wasn’t following the rubric, and some of the sources couldn’t be traced. So I was wondering if you could take a look at the paper again, and the rubric i’m going to attach to see how you can revised the paper. Also can you check on the sources and see if they can be traced back.

1429712_1429712_gmo_africa-1429712_revsd_fnalll.6.docx(32,74 KiB)
I downloaded all the source link under the paper and I still couldn’t find some, and my teacher is looking for textual evidence. Is there anyway you could find the sources you used at the bottom and the link along with the textual evidences you took from it ?

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