Are migrants treated fairly and with dignity in the UK.

Project description
Social Policy(course)
Write a 1000word policy briefing paper
Include some description of the problem , ways in which policies are attempting to address it, critical analysis of the extent of their success, then make some recommendations to better address the issue.
You need to design the briefing to be visually interesting.
Rather than a formal essay you need to produce a document that might be used by politicians , in public select committees or in parliament, by journalists or other commentators , which requires information to be succinct and easy to digest quickly.
The contents must be summarised in bullet points, but must have a clear logical flow and coherence with some original secondary research and policy recommendations that are supported by evidence.
You need to create a policy briefing for your research into this issue, which must include:
A front and back cover (the policy briefing must have a back cover with a tasteful and neat design.
A title
Introduction(set out the scope and purpose of the paper)
Background(explore a social problem, how it relates to a social division)
Examination of evidence(what policies are in place to address the social problem, do they help or not? in what ways? Do they create more problems? You can draw on policy documents, academic sources, journalistic accounts, online blogs, NGOs , think tanks and activist civil society groups, where relevant, but be cautions about the sources, critically judge the merit’s of the claims made)
Policy recommendations(based on your investigations suggest some alternative policy approaches that might help)
Conclusion(overview of the paper and arguments made)
Added on 06.05.2016 08:16
Policy briefing advice
.Design: use image on the front cover
.Referencing the same as an essay(in text and reference list)
.Bullet points are options (can be good to save words, but must have a clear logical flow)
.Can use graphs/charts/images within the text if they support the discussion
.Aim is to make it look professional!!(good designs will be rewarded with extra marks!)

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