Asian American Film and Television Analysis(Media)

Project description
Asian American Film/Television Analysis
It should be double-spaced, 12pt. font, Times New Roman, and 1 inch margins all around.

In this ten to 9 page paper, you will analyze a Asian American film/video, a set of films/videos, a television show, or a set of television shows, drawing on course materials and selected film/television criticism relating to the media text(s) you have chosen. You must use details from the media text (dialogue, formal analysis) to support your argument about what the text means. Be sure to emphasize how your approach allows us to see more and different aspects of the text than other critics allow. Key to your essay should be articulating a novel interpretation of how Asians and Asian Americans are represented in the media.

In order to write this paper, you will need to know a lot about the text(s) you choose to examine. Additionally, you will need to have access to the media materials you plan to analyze.

you could study a film one of the critics we read in class. You could also study a text completely outside of the class. Another possibility would be to follow an Asian American actor through a television show and do an analysis of the transformation of her/his representation. Important to the essay is careful research. Very likely this will entail finding popular cultural materials about your text, finding academic critics who also have examined your text, and/or using film/media criticism and theory generally as a touchstone for your ideas

Your paper might be organized like this:
1. Thesis- what you intend to prove
2. Description of research available on the topic argument (thorough, objective, but to the point). Make sure to include information that helps to prove your thesis, but do not stack the deck. Try to be objective, even while you attempt to develop a strong argument
3. Your studied examination and analysis of the text. Again, the idea here is to give specific details from the text. Do not give every detail, only the ones that are relevant to the point you are making
4. Explanation of how your analysis differs from other critics and how you think your criticism improves our understanding of the text.
5. Summary and conclusion.

########## Please make sure that as the instruction mentioned above, you can get a sources from outside of the class but make sure that at least the text of three readings have to be contained in. ##### Important: If I get a this paper grader higher than 85 percents, I will pay you extra tips for sure
Thank you so much for helping me Writer 🙂

Grade Check list
Media text(s) related to Asian Americans
Draws on course readings (includes more than 3 readings)
Draws on film/television criticism relating to the media text(s) you have chosen (e.g., academic journal articles, books, magazine articles, popular cultural materials, etc.; includes more than 3 sources)
Uses ample evidence and/or examples to support the argument
States a main thesis clearly
Demonstrates your understanding of the course and readings
Added on 30.04.2016 23:28
I really appreciated for helping me out Writer. Here are readings that you can select 3 readings in terms of these. If there is any question, Feel free to ask ! Like I said please follow the instruction carefully and if I get a grade higher than 85, I will give you extra paper tips for sure !!
Instruction files

fulbeck_part_asian_100_hapa.pdf(164,50 KiB)
pham_artful.pdf(213,00 KiB)
rabin_kip_fulbeck.pdf(124,10 KiB)
nakamura_alllooksame.pdf(1,34 MiB)
kang_desiring.pdf(1,83 MiB)
okada_pbs.pdf(5,28 MiB)

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