assertive communication

Pick two current situations in your current situation in your life and address each situation in your life and address each of the following for each situation:
1-What is the situation?
2-who is involved? (Me Mohammad, and my friend Ahmad)
3-what is you current style of communication ( based on the four styles (1)- non-assertive Passive, (2)- Assertive, (3)- aggressive, (4)- Passive aggressive)
4-what outcome do you want for the communication(Ex: I want raise. I want to keep the relationship intact. I want to find a solution that works for both of us)?
5- what beliefs or fears interfere with your assertive communication?
6-define fears and beliefs
7- what assertive communications techniques would you attempt?
8-what stress management techniques would you use prior to, during, and after you use the assertive communication techniques?
9- How could you reward your self after you attempt this plan( Ex: time with friend, a bath, a movie)?

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