Pretend that you are starting your very own business.Before you start the business, you need to determine and write the requirements of operating a successful business. Please focus on the dollars as you apply concepts covered in the course so far. You are writing an essay that captures all of your initial thoughts and projections for a business that you will start up. Your essay should address everything in the six (6) sections outlined below.An ESSAY TEMPLATE that includes the EXCEL WORKSHEET, is provided to support you in organizing your assignment.NOTE: A separate version of the worksheet is provided in the Course Resources if you would like to experiment with preparation of the Balance Sheet.Please access the ESSAY TEMPLATE .SECTION #1 –INTRODUCTION OF BUSINESS: Explain and describe the business you will start.SECTION #2 – REVENUE & PROFITS: Discuss how your business will generate money.SECTION #3 – PRODUCT PRICE & COSTS: Explain the products/services that people will buy from your business.SECTION #4 – INVESTMENT REQUIREMENTS: Discuss your banking and loans.SECTION #5 – BALANCE SHEET ASSESSMENT: SECTION #6 – CONCLUDING THOUGHTS:Summarize your business desires, concerns and expectations based on your content above.Please use the ESSAY TEMPLATE provided for this assignment.

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