Project description
This week you read abut the advantages and disadvantages of group living. I would like you to watch a primate cam for any group behavior you learned about this week. Record interactions, displays, communication, grooming, parenting, protecting, etc. that you see. Keep in mind that these animals are forced to live together and do not have the option of moving to another group or dispersing on their own. For example, orangutans are solitary creatures in the wild, but live together and with siamangs at the San Diego Zoo. Do the behaviors you recorded represent an advantage or disadvantage to group living? Do you think you would see this behavior in the species you watched if you were studying wild populations?

To complete this week\’s assignment:

1) Select one of the links below or google, \’ape cam\’, for more links.

2) Watch the primates for at least a half hour.

3) If the primates are in active or uncooperative, try the other cam or try back later. Please note that cams will not be viewable after dark local time.

4) Please record any displays or interactions between individuals or the group at large. Find references that will help you determine if this behavior is typical for groups of this species living in the wild.

5) Write a paragraph about the data you recorded. You should: a) mention the cam and the species you studied. b) Give a general description of what you observed. c) Describe how the interaction you saw was a benefit or disadvantage of group living. d) discuss whether the behavior you saw typical for your species or a product of the zoo environment? e) CITE REFERENCES.

Two primate cams I recommend:

San Diego Zoo:

Houston Zoo:

Chimpanzee Cam

Chimpanzee Yard Cam

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