Project description
I’m taking business math and i have budget project to track of daily spending for three months, and the instructor wants goals for this tracking. i will attach the files of the assignments soon. please don’t forget to attach the article of the second file when you done it.

The whole instructions of this assignment below:

Analyze your spending and savings habits, and set two (2) spending or savings goals.

Use the Spending and/or Savings Goals – Worksheet 2 to document your goals.

Setting goals involves establishing specific, measurable, and time-targeted objectives.You will not lose points if you are not successful in attaining your goals; however, you must be able to explain what kept you from meeting your goal(s). Be specific in writing your goals!!

Use the following examples of goals to help you write your goals :

Rather than saying you want to start savingspecify how much you will save, where it will be saved, and what it will be used for.

I will open an Emergency Savings Account at Mainstreet Bank and save $100 each month. My goal is to have $300 in this account by May 2015.

If you are saving for a new car, determine how much you need to save monthly in order to have sufficient down payment or to purchase it out right by a specific date.

I need to save $1500 for a new car that I plan to purchase in September of 2015. I will save $200 per month and place in a savings account at Mainstreet Bank. I plan to have $600 saved by May.

If you want to reduce a certain type of expenditure, specify an exact amount or percentage.

I will reduce the amount spent on dining out by $50 per month; I will reduce this expense from $125 to $75 per month.

Be specific in stating your goals so that any changes can be measured to determine if you are making progress towards reaching your goals.

Submit two (2) spending/savings goals using Worksheet 2 via the designated DROP BOX.
Track activities related to your spending or savings goals.
At the end of the semester, submit a final report of the progress you made in achieving your goals. Submit Worksheet 2 via the designated DROP BOX.
If you fail to meet your goals by the end of the project, explain what happened. Your grade will not be reduced if you do not meet your goals; however, you need to be accurate in documenting your results. Example: Perhaps your goal was to establish an emergency fund of $450 by saving $150/month. In the middle of the project you have a flat tire and need to spend some of your emergency money. You may not have reached the goal amount of $450 by the end of the semester; however, you can report that you at least had an emergency fund to cover your emergency!

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