Business game and using game simulation website

its a reflective essay on decisions that have been made on us taking onn a mobile company using a game simulator website . more details will follow after a writer is assigned
Added on 29.04.2016 06:40
You could choose any specialism I.e operations, finance, marketin,etc and you should analyse and reflect on the results using the selected specialism. For PARTA you should analyse the market outlooks and reflect on the impact of the scenario to your business, then you analyse the results from Round 4 (available on BB) and you make recommendation about how you can improve the performance of your company, then you reflect on the results from Round 5 and you analyse the impact of your decisions to your company (I.e do your recommendation had a positive or negative impact to your company, this is from the lecturer
Instruction files

bn2225_-_business_game_-assessment2_-_2015-2016_1_.pdf(372,18 KiB)
bn2225_-_business_game_-_assessment2_marking_scheme_-_2015-2016_1_.pdf(363,32 KiB)

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