Business Plan

Sister City Project
Business plan to bring Cafe Momentum, a Dallas based company, to Monterrey Mexico.

Proposed Exchange:
1.What have you chosen to exchange and why?
a.Be sure that you have provided data to support demand or need and your assessment of the existing infrastructure to support your idea
2.Why did you choose your destination?
a.Be sure to include country level data that compares the possible choices or establishes why your country makes sense in the context of a region, make sure the data source is reliable and is indicated in the paper
b.You may also want to include data regarding changes over time in your context/region
c.Be sure to explain how this is relevant to DFW metroplex
d.Be sure to tell the program administrators about the existing formal and informal institutions that will shape interest in your idea
3.How will you execute your plan?
a.Provide enough detail that a person unfamiliar with your commodity, service, or nonprofit can understand what you will need to do to make it a reality.
4.What obstacles or concerns do you anticipate and how will you overcome them?
a.These should be related to what was discussed in the history, cultural, and economic analyses
5.Why should the DFW sister city program support your idea?

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