Business Simulation Report – Part 2 – Group and Team Player Style reflection

Project description
This is the Part 2 of the Business Operation Simulation Report, in this simulation we form a 5-member group to run a health inspect sensor product company Eire and compete with other 5 groups. In simulation we need make decisions for 4 departments: R&D, Marketing, Production and Finance. I am majorly in charge of Finance departments and also provides some data and analysis for other departments. Total 4 rounds. We need achieve as much cumulative profit as possible. We at last achieve 2nd place in 6 groups.
For the Part 2, i need write the group and self team player reflection (i thought Major part is self reflection and the group reflection can be little part).

The instruction is:
Part 2 (700 words)
Group reflection – First person narrative. Include your value (week 1), team player style (week 4) and any other relevant theory and how that contributed to your groups effectiveness.

Again, do not fall into the narrative trap. This means comments such as
I was product manager… I did something that helped the team…

Include material from the course such as:
What type of team player style did you have? (Week 4)
What were your top values? (Week 1)
Applicable theories of leadership (Week 9)

Questions to ask yourself:
Has your behaviour been true to your team player style?
How has it helped your team to work effectively?
What could you have done better to improve your results and team working?
How have your values shown up in your team working? Or how have they been compromised?
Did you display leadership characteristics in your group? If so, what were they and could you relate this to any theory of leadership you covered in lectures?
(Hint: look at the Teams and Team-working and Leadership chapters in your unit reader).

For the team player style, i am a contributor. For the top values, i am GIVE and DRIVE. Also apply some leadership theories. (For the team player style, top values, leadership, i will attach the relevant materials about definition)

Also i will attach some samples which are written by other students for reference, be aware of plagiarize check.

Please use at least 4 references for supporting.
Instruction files

final_simulation_result_-_all_companies-_we_are_erie.pdf(574,36 KiB)
ledership_theories_lecture.pdf(0,96 MiB)
final_simulation_result_-_own_company_-_eire-_annual_report.pdf(183,83 KiB)
team_player_style_overview.docx(21,56 KiB)
team_player_style_lecture.pdf(1,62 MiB)

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