China – How an improved economy has created an unsustainable environment – (air pollution) but you will focus on the business aspect of how a growing economy in China is creating a more polluted China (Think manufacturing and exports)

Remember, you are to take either a developed countries (have) point-of-view or a lesser-developed countries (have-nots) point-of-view, but always speak to the pros and the cons of all issues. Discuss efficiency vs. effectiveness, short-term vs. long-term, micro-economics vs. macro-economics, etc. of the situation, etc.

What environmental issue did you choose?

Who/what is causing it (mostly)?

Is it localized or does it affect a broader area?

Do we have the science and technology needed to address the problem?

Could it be stopped? Should it be stopped? If so, how?

At what cost? Who should pay?

Who will benefit from the environmental action?

Evaluation and Control

How do you measure the results?

Where and what would you measure?

What are the risk(s)? Uncertainties?

I will upload the beginning of my paper, use it as a building block. Continue adding to the paper and making a new 4 pages to add on to the 2 I give to you.
Added on 30.04.2016 16:08
Remember, reference points for why the business expansion in China is destroying the environment. Who is responsible, what can be done to create a more sustainable model as the economy grows, etc.
Instruction files

reference_paper_.docx(123,57 KiB)

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