Church History

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Just answer the coursework questions. I just need the answers only!
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Answer the coursework Questions.
1.Baptist affirm the separation of the church and state based on their conviction that what?
2.Who affirmed the general atonement? which means what?
3.Who wrote the bloody tenant? Protestant and Catholics have united with the state to persecute people that didnt agree with them and produced what?
4.According to John Wesley, Christian perfection meant what?
5.John Wesleys brother was famous for what?
6.The first Baptist was?
7.Baptist split over what? Did they come back together?
8.Which group can be credited with forming the basic structure of modern missions?
9.Which branch of Protestantism created Sunday school?
10.Who is the African American founder of Pentecostalism?
11.1980s fundamentalism shifted its emphasis from what to what?
12.Who said All fundamentalist are conservative, not all conservatives are fundamentalist?
13.What group says the Bible is the record of human experiences about God?
14.The most famous woman revivalist of early Pentecostalism was who?
15.The speaking of a foreign language as a miraculous gift from God is called what?
16.The womans bible offers which commentary on the Fall?
17.The pro slavery defense from the Bible misused the early Bible story to say what?
18.Speaking in tongues called what?
19.Which theology affirms the lived experiences of Hispanic women and understands God from that perspective?
20.The name of the famous trial in Dayton Tennessee over evolution was what?
21.Neo-orthodoxy acknowledges what as a key source for Christian doctrine?
22.Neo orthodoxy understands sin as what?
23.Karl Barths understanding of election was what?
24.Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed for what?
25.The two main points of Bonhoeffers theology were what?
26.An early name for the independent religious gatherings of slaves is what?
27.Who said I do, but I dont obey?
28.The first female president of a Protestant denomination in the US was who?
29.The phrase used within liberation theology for reading the Bible without oppression is what?
30.Which country made the biggest contribution to biblical scholarship leading to liberal theology in the nineteenth century?
31.Pentecostals typically point to what verse as the key text for their religious tradition?
32.What dynamic did Rosemary Radford Reuther identify as interfering with feminist consciousness?
33.The most famous revivalist of the twentieth century was who?
34.The Montgomery Bus Boycott was initially organized by who?
35.The key word to describe Vatican II is what?
36.Martin Luther King Jr. said a just law was what?
37.Project C was short for what? And referred to what city during the civil rights movement?
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