Classical Concert Reaction Paper

Project description

– Also I have the program sheet with the names of the pieces that are being played so try to identify them.

Part 1. At the top of the first page, list the following: 2 points

1. You Name (I have to download these, and I dont want to wonder whose they are) 1 point

2. The name of the concert (Be sure to list the name as it appears on the schedule. If you are going to a concert that is not on the list, please list the venue here as well.)

.5 points

3. The date of the concert .5 points

Part 2. Do the following: 3 points

Use your program to list EACH piece and the name of its composer. All this information will be on the program. I just want a list of these pieces below the header, and before you begin writing about them. If you do not do this part, you will be docked the three points, even if you put the names and composers in the body of the assignment. I need to see what you saw listed at the top of the page. This may seem petty and unnecessary, but these are the instructions, and I will dock the points.

Part 3. Write a 300 or more word reaction to the concert, including the following information: 15 points

Discuss EACH PIECE briefly, giving me your reaction to it. Yes, even if there are 23 pieces, you need to discuss each one briefly. Then give me your reaction to the concert as a whole. (300 or more total words minimum, but you may do more)

If you do not discuss each piece I will dock points. I will have a program for all the scheduled concerts, so I will know what pieces were played. If you leave early, and cant discuss each piece, then you will be docked points. You need to stay for the entire concert. Also, be aware that I know most of these pieces, so I will know if your reactions are genuine. Don’t try to get out of this assignment, just go and enjoy the fact that you can go listen to music as an assignment.
Added on 05.05.2016 14:49
I attached the program sheet. Please read the instructions carefully. I got a deadline of 24 hours only.

Instruction files

new_doc_39_1.pdf(573,59 KiB)

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