COMM 148 American Public Address (Spring 2016) Exam 2 Essay

Project description
1. In class we discussed the difference between moderate and militant rhetorical leaders as embodied
in Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. a.) What are the major differences between these two
approaches to social change on behalf of African Americans? b.) How does each identify the
problem? c.) What are their respective solutions to the problem? d.) Who do you think makes the
most convincing argument and why?
2. Select three rhetors, one from each of these three movements: Chicano, Disability, LGBT that
you believe makes the most significant rhetorical contribution to the social change movement, and
respond to the following questions: a.) Identify their purpose in giving the speech, b.) Identify
their overarching argument(s), and c.) Explain why you believe their speech is rhetorically
significant for our understanding of the movements quest for social change and social justice.
3. We started this class with our own definitions of freedom, and throughout the semester we have
read various perspectives on this theme. a.) Have your ideas about freedom changed at all given
your exploration of American public discourse? b.) Of all the people we studied, whose discourse
most closely resembles your own ideas of freedom? Why? c.) In your opinion, whose ideas about
freedom have been most influential to our culture? Why? d.) Whose version of freedom do you
think should guide our society into the 21st century? (You may select more than one rhetorician to
answer these questions).
4. If you were going to propose a new unit to be covered in this public address course on freedom
(something we did not cover this semester), what would you want included? Whose experience
and influence with our definitions of freedom, liberty, and justice still needs to be addressed in a
course like this one? a.) Offer at least three reasons for including this unit, and b.) Identify 1-2
prominent rhetors or specific rhetorical texts associated with the relevant movement and reference
them in your response.
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