Comparative Intellectual traditions

write a For and Against Essay on the following topic:
are the accusations of racism and degrading othering perspective in the \’Heart of Darkness\’ accurate?

While discussing the arguments, refer to other readings from the course (especially An Image of Africa by Chinua Achebe and issues of translating otherness mentioned in Shakespeare in the Bush by Laura Bohannan)Research component: refer to other examples of your choice (from literature, movies) which deal with the topic of otherness, racism

You should express your point of view in a way deprived of the emotional weight (f. ex. say: I therefore believe, rather than I am sure that/I know that).
It is a form of writing in which the given topic is tackled from opposing, contradictory points of view. Both sides (for and against) should be presented in a fair way, possibly equally represented in your essay.

Please only write the for and against arguments, do not include the introduction nor the conclusion.

Use \’image of africa\’ to support why the novella is racist \’for\’ arguments, you will find plenty of arguments there and try to elaborate more on them.

Some points for Heart of Darkness NOT being a racist novella in the \’against\’ argument:
1. The time era in which the story was published, racism was not introduced nor identified back then.
2. He was one of the few writers that talked about the European colonialism abuse.
3. Some quotes in the reading show that he was not racist at times, use only a few and explain why it the novella is not considered racist.

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