Computer Criminal

Project description
This a two-part paper:
Part I
You must make this person up from scratch; do not outline a real person or case. You will invent a cybercriminal, and identify the following information:
1. Name and background (education, family, etc.) 2. Where the criminal lives 3. Where the criminal works
Now, create a fact pattern (narrative) explaining in detail this persons crime or crimes. (Fact pattern is a term used in many areas, especially law. In law, the term fact pattern simply means the true and accurate description of what happened in a crime, or alternatively, events leading to a lawsuit.)
Include the following:
1. How do they do what they do (equipment, funding, etc.)? 2. Under what psychological theories and profiles do they fall? 3. Are they a member of any specific criminal organization? 4. What is their classification, and how are they identified as such (hacker, script kiddie, etc.)?
Next, develop a fact pattern where this person commits their ultimate crime. Walk us through the steps of the crime: how is it carried out, upon whom is it carried out, and what is the ultimate goal of the criminal? Use as much detail as possible. Do they use a virus? Are they infiltrating a company they work for? How? What kinds of systems do they use? What kind of systems do they infiltrate?
This part of the paper should be at least two pages in length. APA format is required for all citations and references.

Part II
Take the criminal you invented in Part I, and complete the following tasks:
You are a law enforcement officer that has arrived on the scene, been assigned to track down, whatever the case may be, the computer criminal you created in Part I.
Summarize your answers to the following questions:
1. What is your first step? Why? 2. What agency do you work for? Why are you the correct person/agency to catch this criminal? Explain your jurisdictional authority. 3. What law or laws are applicable to this criminal and these crimes? Why? 4. How are you going to work with other agencies? 5. Locate and identify the evidence. 6. What search and seizure procedure did you follow? 7. Provide a chain of custody, tracking the evidence. 8. How do you authenticate the evidence for trial? 9. Do you catch the criminal? 10. How is he or she prosecuted? What court hears evidence, and why? What rules of evidence are used? 11. Was this project an effective exercise? Why, or why not?
This part of the paper should be at least two pages in length. APA format is required for all citations and references.

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