computer science – introduction to game industry class project

 here is the professor’s instructions for the project : For the final project I wanted to give you the basic “bare minimum” parameters. 1) Create custom modeled 3D buildings/structures with textures for your village/outpost or whatever theme you are working on. It doesn’t have to be fully detailed but I also do not want just a cube with basic texturing. (3d max) 2) A working door and other elements that animate, using Playmaker. You can duplicate the same doors as many times as you need unless you have more than one type of door. 3) Custom landscape with textures that your buildings/structures rests upon. 4) Use a skybox and direct light for the outdoors. Don’t forget about the “shadow” button to turn on the shadows. 5) Light the interior of the buildings/structures with point lights. 6) Bake your lights for proper shadows. 7) Use the supplied tree and grass assets as well if needed. You can also create your own like rocks and do have permission to use pre-build 3D items if needed. 8) Utilize the particle system, ie., snow, dust, etc. It doesn’t have to be in your whole scene unless you decide. 9) Your scene must contain mostly custom assets of your creation. If you have pre-created, this is ok. As long as the majority of your scene is mostly your creation(s). 10) Anything above and beyond will not go unrecognized and result in a higher grade. I am looking for quality of your textures, creativity and modeling. I know many of you are not Digital Arts majors and have never touched this kind of software, but it should be doable to make a nice looking level walkthrough. 11) I am not asking for any audio, but you can add audio if you want to give it a try.     For any other questions, please email me  or text me ——————————————————————————————————————————-the theme for my project is still undecided but im confused between (lonely island) or (sci-fi).I need really proffessional and creative work on it since its wieghted %100 on my grade for the class. we are using (3d max) and (unity) in this class  

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