concept map and references-one page concept map and other page references

Project description
Literature was explored in assignment two regarding two potential research topics of interest. Based on these readings and instructor feedback, choose one research topic to further explore for the remainder of this course. Continue searching the literature to identify an additional 5-7 scholarly sources (several of these sources may likely be from the list of selected articles or journals found in the Library Course Guide). Using these identified scholarly sources, develop a concept map to begin to organize the development of the literature review. The concept map should contain at least 3 to 5 themes/categorical names derived from the identified scholarly sources as related to the research topic. Avoid the identification of larger numbers of themes/categorical names as this may actually hinder the organization of the literature review. The concept map should aid in the development of a literature review in an efficiently organized manner.

Remember, in addition to using the pre-reviewed journals found in the Library Course Guide, try searching online databases as well as reviewing reference lists in journal articles already obtained to locate potential additional resources. Use only search filters involving \”Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals\” when searching for sources with online databases. The majority of scholarly sources selected should be contemporary or published within the last five years, only older seminal studies providing important foundational information about the topic should be included. Use only original sources or sources created by the original author, rather than secondary sources explaining the research of others. Following this procedure will support the relevancy and timeliness of the research topics. For each identified peer-reviewed source, critically evaluate it to determine the applicability with the chosen research topic and accuracy of the results. If difficulty is experienced locating scholarly sources for the identified research topic, expand of broaden the topic (e.g., readings readiness in early childhood education to simply early childhood education or reading instruction with elementary students).

Length: 2 pages (one page concept map, second page references). If a Concept Map generator was used, ensure the assignment is submitted in a Word or Excel file.
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Here is the last paper with topic that is mentioned and the resource for the concept map
Instruction files

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