contemporary short fiction analysis essay

Project description
Objective: The purpose of this essay is deep analysis of contemporary science fiction with an eye toward the history of the form. You can examine theme (futurism, gender, humanity to name a few), structure, style, interpretation, or any other area of analysis that appeals to you. In addition, you may also use any of the stories from class to help you in your analysis of a contemporary story, but the focus must remain on the contemporary tale.


Choose a contemporary story (or stories) from the following websites:

Apex Magazine, (Links to an external site.)

Clarkesworld Magazine, (Links to an external site.)

Escape Pod, (Links to an external site.)

Strange Horizons, (Links to an external site.)

Tor, (Links to an external site.)

All of these magazines represent some of the premier online short fiction (just be sure to choose a work that is a short fiction piece and not an excerpt from a larger work. Excerpts are clearly marked).

You are required to incorporate three (3) critical resources that MUST come from the library or library databases. No web sources will count toward this requirement. Our databases include several academic journals that discuss science fiction, such as Science Fiction Studies and Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. In addition, we also have access to several books (physical and online) concerning SF as well as other resources in the various Literature and Humanities databases.

Think of these sources as expert witnesses. They will help you establish the angle you are discussing. For example, if you talk about an element such as robots, you could incorporate a critical resource that makes a salient point concerning that subject to help support your overall analysis.

Use MLA for all formatting and citations. There are examples in the textbook for formatting, or you can review Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.).

Some important tips about writing academic essays:

Course essays should be formal. Formal essays should avoid the following qualities:

Conversational tone

Use of personal pronouns referring to the writer or reader of the essay (I, me, you, your, us, we, our)

Contractions (spell out all contractions)

Web-based resources (Wikipedia, general websites, Sparknotes, or similar websites)

Proofreading errors (be sure to spell check)

Remember: Summary and Analysis are two different things. Dont confuse the two for this essay. I dont want a summary of each story. Assume that I have read both and focus on analyzing the qualities of the stories. Here is a quick resources about the difference between the summary and analysis: (Links to an external site.)
stories that we have read in class were from these books: Ray Bradbury the martian chronicles, Issac Asimov I robot, and masterpieces orson scott card
professors name is Matthew Masucci and the class is Lit2020
Instruction files

contemporary_short_fiction_analysis_essay_guidelines_and_rubric.docx(17,68 KiB)

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