Create a treatment or task group

5 Pages in Length
Design a Treatment or Task Group
Minimum of 5 Citations
Bibliography (internal and end note references)

Outline for planning a group:
Introductory paragraph explaining the group
Purpose: Purpose of the group (its goals)
Role of the worker in the group (e.g., chair, facilitator, therapist)
Literature review on the social problem being addressed in the paper
Literature review on the group work methods that have been used to address the social problem

Agency Sponsorship
Agency resources relevant to the group (i.e., physical facilities, financing, staff, etc.)
Agency geographic location (community, not address), sponsorship, demographic characteristics of clientele, type of staff, any other characteristics that might affect group
Membership: Target population for the groupwho you would like to reach. Appropriateness of the population with respect to the agency mission and group purpose.
Recruitment: Method(s) for recruiting members.
Composition: Criteria for including or excluding members.
What characteristics you would like group members to be heterogeneous on, and what characteristics homogeneous, and why.
Open or closed membership.

Demographic characteristics important to group purpose
How will the expected composition affect interaction or group development? Include age, gender, ethnicity/race, sexual orientation, disability or any other special considerations that may affect the composition.
Norms and Roles: What are the most important group norms you would like to develop?
How will composition affect the norms or their development? Are there specific roles you would like members to develop within the group? If so, describe these roles.
Orientation: Whether potential members will be screened, and if so, how and for what characteristics. Preparation for group membership and roles (e.g., pre-group interview or letter, discussion at beginning of group).
Contract: Describe and justify the number of meetings, frequency, length, and times for meetings. If appropriate, depending on the type of group, describe the types of contracts with individual group members, or the group as a whole that you would try to foster.
Environment: Physical arrangements (room, space, materials, room set-up, other considerations. Financial arrangements (budget, expense, charges, income) and any special arrangements (child care, transportation, access for persons with physical handicaps, etc.).
Structure: How will the group conduct its work? (e.g., discussion group, arts-and-crafts, exercises, role plays, etc.). Will there be a structure for each group meeting? How will the structure help the group achieve its goals.
Potential obstacles

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