Critically assess ONE large urban infrastructure project and its potential for improving the sustainable city, with reference to EITHER socio-technical transitions theory OR the entrepreneurial city OR critical debates around the Smart City.

Project description
The due date is 12th of May at 12 noon.
Your essay should:
1.)Critically link case study discussion to the relevant theoretical and policy-focused literature;
2.)Use graphical and visual sources where appropriate, e.g. maps, urban plans, policy diagrams, etc.

You may choose to use appendices in this coursework, but there is no expectation that you will do so. Appendix material does not count towards the word count. However, appendices should not be used for the discussion of material that is central to your discussion and analysis.
The core reading:
Brand, P. and Thomas, M. (2005) Urban Environmentalism: Global Change and the Mediation of Local Conflict, London, Routledge.
Brenner, N., (2004), New State Spaces: Urban Governance and the Rescaling of Statehood, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Cochrane, A. (2007) Understanding Urban Policy A Critical Introduction, Oxford, Blackwell.
Flint, J. and Raco, M. (eds) (2012) The Future of Sustainable Cities: Critical Reflections, Bristol, Policy Press.
Kjaer, A. (2004) Governance: Key Concepts, Cambridge, Polity Press.
Krueger, R., Gibbs, D. (eds) (2007), The Sustainable Development Paradox: Urban Political Economy in United States and Europe, New York, Guilford Press.
Whitehead, M. (2006) Spaces of Sustainability: Geographical Perspectives on the Sustainable Society, London, Routledge.
Other Reading:
Brenner N. and Theodore N. (Eds.) (2002), Spaces of Neoliberalism. Urban Restructuring in North America and Western Europe, Oxford, Blackwell.
Bulkeley H. and Betsill M. (2003), Cities and Climate Change: Urban Sustainability and Global Environmental Governance, London, Routledge.
Crouch C. (2004), Post-Democracy, Cambridge, Polity Press.
Davies, J.S. and D.L. Imbroscio (eds.) (2009) Theories of Urban Politics. Second edition, Sage, London.
Dean, M. (2007) Governing Societies, Sage, London.
Hajer M. (1995), The politics of Environmental Discourse: Ecological Modernisation and the Policy Process, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Healey, P. (2006) Collaborative Planning: Shaping Places in Fragmented Societies, Palgrave, New York.
Hodson, M., and Marvin S. (2011), World Cities and Climate Change, Milton Keynes, Open University Press.
Kooiman, J. (2003) Government as Governance, Sage, London.
Simm, A. (2007) Tescopoly, London, New Economics Foundation.
Rydin, Y. (2010) Governing for Sustainable Urban Development. Abingdon & New York: Earthscan.

Useful web sites:
The Audit Commission has written a number of reports on urban regeneration and urban policy:
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation provides a good summary of the findings of its research projects at:
Excellent summary articles and case studies can be found at the Guardian Unlimited webpage on urban regeneration: – a useful source of stats on poverty in the UK.
The DCLG webpage
Added on 03.05.2016 17:31
Hello There! Thank you for the last 3 essays. I have passed them all. I hope this topic will be easy for you. I will copy-paste the feedback from the last year so that you can see where the essay can be improved.

FEEDBACK: Students took a broad range of approaches to answering the two essay questions. They demonstrated creativity in drawing on a wide range of case studies to illustrate their arguments, sometimes producing interesting and original lines of thought. Many students went beyond core course readings to develop their arguments. Some of the best papers drew on primary sources, demonstrating solid capacity for original research. Similarity scores were generally low. There were three with similarity scores above 20%. For two of these this was due to justified measures (a disability form and a long bibliography). There were a few essays with extremely sloppy referencing.

Areas for improvement and lessons for next time

Very few essays were clearly linked to relevant theoretical literature. Some did not try to do tis at all while others did so in a very superficial way.
There were a lot of issues with structure, even in some of the strongest essays. Very few had strong introductions that clearly set out their argument and the structure of the essay and the main points that it would argue.
It can be difficult to strike the right balance of theory, literature review and case studies in a 2000 word essay, and a number of students clearly struggled with this. The best essays had a single case study. Some students tried to discuss two or even three cases and their analysis ended up being rather superficial as a result. Many had very short introductions and conclusions, perhaps because they had run out of words.
Many students did not take strong stances in response to the essay questions, instead largely re-hashing arguments from the literature.

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