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A research report is a short-length but formal and systematic report which is based on some formal investigation on a particular topic. A research report must include the history of research, what question is asked by research and why, what approach is followed by the researcher and what this information lead him/her to conclude. Depending upon the field in which a research was conducted, the precise definition of research report varies.

Research reports are integrated in academia at different levels with varying complexity, in accordance to these levels. At high school levels, students are supposed to formulate a research question on a topic the covered in course work and then they have to conduct a research on it. At higher study levels, research report is rather more complex. Students aren’t the only one who undergo through this process of research report making; analysts and strategists of different companies also conduct research and then report what they found in their research and how their findings can be actually implemented to profit the company. Special research firms, in different professions, are also there which only focus on conducting research studies and then coming up with some practical and applicable suggestions and recommendations.

The body structure of any research consists of three major portions which are further divided into sub-headings as per requirements. These parts namely are following;

  • The preliminary part
  • The main text body
  • The reference section

Each of these sections requires much attention. There is no particular research report format that one can pin point as the most suitable one. The best suitable format of a report is the one which satisfies all the aspects and purpose of your study and in most of the cases a research is provided by a predefined and decided format which he/she has to follow.

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