Describe the Setting

USE THE SETTING TEMPLATE THAT IS ATTACHED ONLY/ APA FORMAT/ NO PLAGARISMTHE STORY IS BELOW: Below is your assignment for this week\’s step of the Fiction Project. Your first step is done! During Weeks 03 and 04, you completed your plot outline and theme plus your two character sketches. (You are probably inserting a lot of this work into the rough draft of your story.)Study  the section on \”Setting\” in your textbook, especially the \”Do\’s for Description\” at the end of the section. Describe the setting of a specific scene in your story. Details of setting answer the question: \”Where are we?\” You probably already know where your story is taking place, but now is the time to develop the detail and mood, the power of the setting. Then you can use it in your story! Submit a description of your short storys setting.

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