Discussion response to a post about Strategies to Promote Evidence-Based Curriculum Design

Project description
This is for a grad nursing education course. APA, references within 5 years, no books, only journals. I need doi/url so I can access. Supportively respond to post: Rapid changes in healthcare and technology have shown how nurse educators must keep up with evidence-based practice to educate their students. The educator is responsible for producing nurse graduates who will be competent, compassionate, have critical thinking skills, and foster patient safety with professional standards. The failure of a nursing curriculum to provide these qualifications should look at overhauling the whole nursing program.
As I think about ways to ensure faculty are engaged in evidence-based curriculum change, I believe that a continuous curriculum review is necessary. Many schools of nursing only review their curriculum before accreditation every five years. A school that continuously reviews their curriculum has faculty who are constantly looking at the evidence-based practices of their specialty area that will lead to a school staying on the leading edge to benefit students, the community, and society. The school that does not review its practices may have gaps in content or skills taught (Billings & Halstead, 2012). Continuous curriculum review provides a data-informed process for quality improvement of the curriculum, ensuring that issues with delivery affecting the student experience are rapidly identified and addressed.
Evidence-based guidelines in a school’s core curriculum will be successful in producing a graduate nurse who is ready to perform. Continuous review of one’s curriculum through a curriculum committee, student surveys after each course, and faculty involvement will update nursing curricula to produce nurses who are capable of taking care of the demands our healthcare today (Faison & Montague, 2013).
Original question:Think about an example of a need to change college nursing curriculum. What was the reason for the need and what type of evidence based change was used?

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