Used as a synonym of thesis, a dissertation is formal and detailed document materialized by Ph.D. scholar in defense of their research study. Mostly, students acquiring different diplomas and degrees of masters, Ph.D., are asked to write dissertation.  A typical dissertation includes following chapters:

  • abstract
  • introduction chapter
  • literature review,
  • materials and methodology
  • results and findings
  • discussion
  • conclusion
  • recommendations
  • reference
  • appendices

All of these chapters have their own significance and neglecting any of these may result in many complications and issues. A doctorate degree is not about producing a document at the end of your degree pregame, students have to conduct extensive practical portion of their study. Many students feel overburdened in dealing with all of it on their own. With the increase in level of study, the difficulty of tasks also increases and given this trend, the doctorate studies require maximum extent of a student’s attention and time. Independent and married students, with jobs and families to take care of, are the ones who suffer most.

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  • Statistical analysis of data and findings
  • Organizing data and results in different forms of data presentation
  • Driving a conclusion or a set of conclusions out of your study
  • Proposing recommendations which can be practically employed
  • Formatting
  • References
  • Re-writing
  • proofreading
  • Research proposal

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  • Ethics
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  • Geology
  • Geometry
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  • History
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  • Information Technology
  • Literature
  • Management Studies
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  • Statistics

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