Do three overviews of physical Geography in real world events

Find three articles in newspapers, magazines or the internet (at least one article has to come from a source other than the internet) ex. paper article. write at least a two page overview for each of the articles including how the topic fits the course and the chapter and page numbers from Christopherson, Robert \”Elemental Geosystems\” 7th edition 2013 that fit each article. Each overview should have in text citations (author, date and page number) from the article & textbook there should be at least two citations for each article, one from the article and one from the text. (The overviews should be written in an introduction,, main body, and conclusion) include separate works cited page, in alphabetical order by author\’s last name, at the end of each article for the in text references, (THREE WORKS CITED PAGES TOTAL) the works cited pages should match the citations in the overviews, and a copy of the article must stapled to the back of each works cited page.

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