Does the communication process between the card association and merchants accepting credit cards has an impact on consumer credit card information breaches

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This is an on going assistance on my dissertation paper, I have done a lot of work on it but need assistance adding more in chapters, 1, 2 and 3. I would have to email the writer what I have so far and she/he can perform proper changes and additions. Writer has to be a PHD level. Writer number 110754 was recommended to me.
The topic of my dissertation is to approve and disapprove that the communication process between the card association (which is visa master card and discover) and merchants accepting credit cards is what leading merchant not to be prepared for consumer credit card breaches at their location.
I will need revision and show working progress.
The doctorate degree has to do with civil security
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I need to finalize all three chapters, whatever pages will take to do that, as well as resources not a problem.
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Hi, Please I need to following fixed ASAP. The final copy is due tomorrow for submission otherwise I will fail. So far all additions are good but still missing the following 1-Please fix the last sentence in the first paragraph in chapter 1. 2-Please check all paper for spell and grammatical errors. 3-based on the professors notes we need to add in Chapter II in the literature review On communication, what does communications mean to my study, between the card association and the merchants. (I have sent you that in one of the messages). The communication is essential because it allow the merchant to understand the risk associated when accepting credit cards at their location, The idea of performing this research is to prove or disprove that the indirect, wrong Chanel or lack of communication about the risk between the card association and the merchant is what leading merchants not to be prepared for breaches or theft of consumer credit card information at their location. I am doing this research on small businesses scale so later it can be done on larger businesses such as Home depot and target, to avoid the breaches that happened in the future. Because any merchant large or small when they are aware of the consequences and the penalties associated with a breach they for sure will make themselves more prepared for breaches and theft of consumer credit card info. They will take more precautions when knowing the implications and cost to them in case of a breach. 4-Breaches are not limited to digital, but it could be employee theft or vendor mistakes, I also dont think larger businesses are prepared or have knowledge of the extent of the cost in case of breaches, maybe large corporation are but not the ones that accept credit cards. 5- I need to also address the cost associated with breaches 6- and mention briefly how breaches are discovered and give few examples. 7- The table of contents need to be fixed based on subject and page number (after all additions are done) 8-When you send me the final paper please make sure it is ready for submission from spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. Most of the mentioned above I have communicated with you on via the portal, at this point please keep the line of communications going with me in order to be able to finalize this by tomorrow at 4 PM. Please please any clarifications or further information you need to hesitate to contact me, at this point I have my computer with me at all times. I know this may generate more pages and more references, I have no problem with the additional cost, the goal is to get this done with quality work in a timely manner. Your prompt attention is highly appreciated, looking forward to hearing from you.

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I am sorry i am missing the revisions in the last file you send me, you sure that’s the last file? Anything added on communications? Most of the revisions requested are not done.

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