Employment Privacy

For this Critical Thinking assignment:
Imagine you are an HR manager and your boss and owner of the company, Bill, comes to you suspecting his assistant, Paige, is stealing money from the company. Bill would like a polygraph test conducted to see if Paige is stealing from the company. He would also like you to conduct electronic surveillance on Paiges work email for anything suspicious.
Additionally, Bill mentions, Paige is on Facebook. I know you are, toowhy dont you friend her on Facebook and see what information you might find out.
You have heard rumors of a potential romantic relationship between Bill and Paige.
In a well-written paper, first discuss all legal and ethical issues with which you are faced in this situation. Second, assume Paige discovered Bills suspicions and that she is not stealing from the company. She feels extremely uncomfortable at work now as a result and wants to quit, but she needs the money. What should Paige do? How should Paige approach any legal cause of action, and what is that cause of action? Should she commence litigation, or is another alternative preferable? Explain how she should resolve this dispute, demonstrating critical thinking and analysis based on her specific facts.
Your paper should be 4-5 pages long. Cite at least two outside sources for support.

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