english homework

For the next 3 weeks, you will continue to work on your essay. Over the past 2 weeks, you began your writing process by choosing a topic, working on a thesis statement, and creating an introduction. This week, you will complete the first draft of your essay. This Individual Project will take you through the process of writing your first draft of your essay, which will be revised for your Unit 5 Individual Project.Complete the following for this assignment:Use your narrowed and approved topic from Units 1 and 2 based on the topic choices listed below:Based on the feedback you received on the Discussion Board from Unit 2, make any necessary revisions to your thesis statement and introduction. Then, follow the template below to write the remainder of your first draft. Review these  to help you construct your essay in a Word document. The first draft of your essay should including the following (see the guidelines for more detail):Tip: Use CTU\’s Writing Center, found  or in the Learning Center\’s area of the Virtual Campus for additional resources and help with your writing. The following grading criteria will be used to assess your first draft.  Review your first draft so you are sure you have included the following: 

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