Environmental ethics

Environmental Ethics
Term Paper
Write a brief summary about the importance (internal and external) of community garden in University for the students. Then explain how would you begin this project. What professional skills would apply for this project? What would you learn that might aid you in the professional world from this project? Give specific examples. What would service learning project like this teach you about your environmental ethics? Why would you choose this project? Would this project change your environmental ethical perspective? If so, in what way? Relate this project to one or more of the ethical concepts from the below. Then finally explain you four motivations for regarding this project relating to environmental ethics. Explain with examples and how it relates to environmental ethics.
Environmental Ethics topics: (choose
John Muir: (spiritual) preservationist
Henry David Thoreau (Also a preservationist) and transcendentalism
Aldo Leopold: conservationist
Land ethics
You must provide citation to the source you use to get the information in MLA format. Make sure your paper is clear and thorough.

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